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Thanksgiving 2004

Welcome to our home page. Here you will be able to see some photos from recent vacations, family pictures, and miscellaneous other pictures we've scanned in.  Enjoy!

Mammoth 2003 - Jan 7 - 10, 2003
Sandy, Denny, and Jeff went up to Mammoth and missed the crowds during some great mid-week skiing.
Robin's Wedding - August 13, 2000
Robin Mark got married to Steve Hinck.  View pictures from their wedding. 
Mammoth 1999 - March 1999
Sandy, Denny, and Jeff went on another ski trip to Mammoth Mountain.  This time we skied for 3 days and stayed in a condo right on the slopes!
Sandy's Bean Bags - July - November 1998
Summer 1998 Sandy started making bean bags.  Here are some pictures of the bean bags she's made.
Graduation 1998 - June 1998
Jeff graduated again from UCSB June 1998.  This time he got a MS in Computer Science.  Here are some pictures from after graduation.
Mammoth Ski Trip - March 1998
During Spring break the whole family drove up to Mammoth Ski Resort and spent 2 days on the slopes.  It was excellent weather.
Family Photos - November 1997
Take a look at some of our family pictures.
Lundeberg Reunion - August 1997
Grammie (Luverne Lundeberg) and all her children, spouses, and grandchildren got together in August 1997. There were 21 of us!
Trip to Austin, Texas - June 1997
Jeff spent the summer of 1997 as a co-op at IBM. Here are a few photos of Texas in late June 1997 right before he started working.
Jeff's College Graduation - June 1997
Here are some pictures from Jeff's graduation ceremony in June 1997. He graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a BS in Computer Science and is currently working on his MS in Computer Science. Jeff expect's to finish in June 1998.
White Water Rafting Vacation - August 1996
Our white water rafting trip on the Kern River (near Bakersfield, CA)
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